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10 Top Rumors About Freemasons

10 Top Rumors About Freemasons

There are definitely a lot of rumors about Freemasons. It only adds fuel to the fire when members offer little comment on activities or what the group actually does. The biggest rumor is that the group is connected to the Illuminati, the world ruling secret organization. While we doubt that, the secrecy does intrigue us.

A website called Freemasonry Squared set out to set the record straight, addressing the most common misconceptions about the organization and its members. While they still don't reveal much insider information, they do deny many of the allegations we hear in conspiracy circles.

The Ten Most Common Rumors on Freemasonry

1. We’ll start with the most common rumor flouting around amongst the YouTube warriors and conspiracy theorist. They believe the Freemasons are colluding with the elite and most powerful people in the world. That the Freemasons pull the strings of every single major event in the world or have a hand in them at the least. That their plan for a New World Order/Government intended to keep every man and woman down on their luck is their end game.

2. That any man of African decent cannot join because Freemasonry is racist. This is hogwash, Freemasonry isn’t perfect by any means but there are plenty of men of African decent amongst the Crafts membership.

3. Freemasons are the Illuminati! Many people that aren’t up to speed with their history claim that the Freemasons are in fact a cover for the Illuminati. Many shows flash pictures of Masonic symbols posed as Illuminati symbols. These are the false claims of the uneducated and fanatical.

4. The Freemasonry is a decedent of The Knights Templar of antiquity. As cool as that would be, there’s no current factual evidence that can historically tie us to the Knights Templar. Many speculate but that’s worth the paper it’s written on.

5.In order to become a Freemason, the interested party must be willing to sacrifice a family member. Even the simply logistics of this crazed theory are flawed but is indeed a true belief.

6. It’s believed that Freemasons don’t believe in God whither it be Judeo-Christian or otherwise. That Freemasons are Pagan or Satanist. These accusations are founded in falsehoods. A requirement of affiliation or membership of any regular masonic lodge is the belief in a supreme being. This is defined by something bigger or greater than you. This is required so that when you’re obligated, you’re proclaiming your promise to your supreme being you subscribe too. This is not to say a Pagan cannot be a mason. A Satanist may find it very difficult to join.

7. Freemasonry is a religion. Freemasonry is a philosophical men’s fraternity NOT a religion. Masons are not required or instructed to swap their attendance or subscription of their personal religious beliefs or place of worship. Lodge is not intended or taught to be a substitution for church or a religion place of worship. Freemasonry may have religious under tones but most are geared towards methods of moral conduct and virtues.

8. Freemasons swap wives and have orgies behind closed doors… This one literally made us laugh out loud. There is absolutely no truth behind this theory. Freemasons DO NOT swap wives or have any sort of sexual relations with anyone at lodge. Imagine the fights and arguments that would come about if this were true.

9. That the Freemasons control the Federal Reserve banking industry. This is very unlikely being that there are very old and beautiful lodges that are forced to close down due to their finical situations.

10. Lastly and this is the one most use when all their superstitious theories are debunked as a fall safe for the theories. There’s an inner circle of Freemasons that the membership at large are unaware of. These segregated elite do not disclose their true intention of Freemasonry so all the facts and logic behind the truth mean nothing. Men within the fraternity build trust, we’re charged to look after, mentor and build trust between brothers. There’s no malicious “Inner Circle” pulling the strings. The 32° and 33° masons’ theory is false, the degrees mentioned are Scottish rite degrees and are not ranks but levels of masonic education. While a 33° Scottish rite mason may have done much for the Craft their the same and equate to the same rank as a 3 Master Mason.

10 Top Rumors About Freemasons

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