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Reader Submission: Paranormal Entity

The other day, one of our readers named Arthur Johnson submitted a story to us about his sleep paralysis experiences. Read that here to get caught up. Today he messaged us about some of the more paranormal based encounters he has had growing up. The stories might seem a little odd at first, but actually do match up with many other witness accounts: entities are known for unusual smells, electronic distortion phenomena, and it's not uncommon to hear stories about entities following a person or family over the course of years.

Paranormal Entity

Arthur Johnson:

(When this happened) I lived with my mother and my two sisters. We just moved to a new neighborhood because of our income situation. This house wasn't the worst looking house we've lived in but it was pretty old. Our neighbors warned us that our house was haunted and told us the story about the person who got killed in there, but we didn't particularly believe in ghosts.

So we went to check out the rooms and my sisters claimed the room they wanted. My little sister tells my mom that her name is written on the room she wants. My mom got upset thinking that she wrote it but that wasn't the case. I knew my sisters handwriting and she didn't write that well (as was on the wall). That was the first weird thing that happened.

Some of the other things I personally remember was my sisters calling my name when they weren't home. It was so spooky and just mind blowing but I sort of got used to it. Or I just blasted my music really high. There was times when I was playing Mortal Kombat 3 on my Super Nintendo and weird glitches would happen or the computer opponent would seemed more life like. I looked up all the glitches that (were known) to happen in that game and could never find them.

boy playing video game

By the way, I also found out my room was where a man got shot through the door and died. There would just always be times that you'll feel that you're not alone sometimes at random moments. Everyone had an experience in our house. My mom, my mom's boyfriend, my sister's friends, anybody who stayed at least one night over. I remember it got so bad that we had move! One night we were all sitting in the living-room socializing. Me, my mom, her boyfriend, and my sisters.

We started talking about all the crazy stuff that happened in the past at this house. My mom says out loud that she smells gas like someone passed gas. We all started laughing. I mentioned that maybe the ghost farted. The smell got stronger after I said that. So my mom's boyfriend got up to open the front door. Always and mean always the front door is easy to open. This house was so poor. This one time the door knob would even budge. My mom's boyfriend tried everything in his will to open the door. I could tell he started to get weary because he was a strong man and this didn't make any sense. We all started to freak out because we all felt the fear of being trapped inside, with a demonic entity. Mom my decided to call the police. 10 minutes passed and the police knocked on the door. She asked if she could come in. We hollered out that the door won't open. So this police woman just opened the door with ease like it was never stuck. It made no sense to all of us. This experience made us pack our bags.

Paranormal Entity

Now I believe in God but now also believe in ghost entities and how helpless they can make you feel. It was not until last year that I stopped having weird dreams about that house.

I also lived in another haunted house that had it's share of scares and experiences. Totally different from there (the first one). And I still have nightmares of that house! These nightmares are horrible. They always catch me off guard. If anyone tells me their house is haunted, I'm not going in!

At the (second) house I didn't experience as many things as my sister's did. I mostly experienced a lot of sleep paralysis. I mean an abnormal amount. I still have nightmares of that house. I recently had a nightmare of that house with my mom in the dream. My mom passed away 3 years ago. I had a pretty awesome UFO nightmare that involved that house. My sister said someone would always sit at the end of her bed in the middle of the night. I never found out about the past of that house but I do know the house was at least 100 years old. All houses in that neighborhood were at least 100 years old.

As Arthur and I were finishing up our conversation, I asked him: Do you think that this is all sleep paralysis, or was there a ghost/ demon? Was it some of both? What does your gut tell you?

So the sleep paralysis I thought was just because I was sleeping bad or something. I looked it up and looked up what a ghost can do to you. And like I said my sisters had personal experiences in that house but at the time I didn't really care about it. However I did think in the back of my mind that having sleep paralysis multiple times a week along with the things my family saw must have meant something more.

Comment below and tell us: Have you had a sleep paralysis experience?

How about a ghost or entity in your home?

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