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Not Sexy: LuLaRoe Leggings

We talk a lot about What is Sexy. We dedicated a whole series to it. But now it's time to talk about what no one else will. What is not sexy. First on our list is ugly wanna be yoga pants by a brand called LuLaRoe. Don't get us wrong, we are all about girls in yoga pants. They show off a girls assets and flatter most any body type with their lift and support technology. But a new trend is sweeping offices across the land and we had to speak out.

LuLaRoe and other brands have reinvented yoga pants with disastrous results.

Every day I see some girl in the office strutting around in these hideous creations, like some gift to mankind. The problem is that you look ridiculous. The prints give me a headache, it's like taking one of those tests to see if you are color blind. Luckily I am, or they would probably look even worse. I think these were invented as a type of female camouflage to hide cellulite behind the tacky patterns.

The LuLaRoe problem is compounded because wayyyyy too many women who have no place in yoga pants squeeze into these things, trying to be included in the latest fashion wave. All men see is a giant patterned billboard of ugly. Female Readers: Please stop wearing LuLaRoe. Just stop. Male Readers: Discourage this fashion trend by making comments like "what exploded all over your pants" to discourage women in your office from wearing them.

Comment below and tell us what you think about the ugly leggings trend.

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