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Reader Submission: Sleep Paralysis

We have a Facebook group, and share our articles there. Sometimes we receive or come across strange stories that fit our topics of research. A man named Arthur Johnson was willing to share one of his stories with us, and also mentioned that he has several other interesting stories to share from his time living in a haunted house. His first story is on sleep paralysis.

Sleep Paralysis is a strange phenomenon where the individual becomes frozen - suffering from an inability to move, speak, or react while falling asleep or waking up. It's a topic of great interest here at BDSC because one of our own writers has experienced the phenomena. Sleep Paralysis is sometimes accompanied by frightening hallucinations and the feeling of energy running through the body. Though there appears to be no immediate negative outcome, the experiences can last several terrifying minutes that leave the person traumatized. Here is Arthur Johnson's sleep paralysis story, which he believes is otherworldly in nature:

I don't have many experiences with aliens and UFOs, but I have two other experiences that stuck with me. Here goes number 1:

I was in my bed facing the wall when I woke up all of sudden. I realized that I was stuck and I knew it was sleep paralysis because I had it so many times in the past. So I'm laying there looking at a blank white wall wondering when this paralysis would end. After a minute I am starting to wonder why it's been so long. It was lasting literally a minute. After that moment I could sense a presence in the room. And I mean it was strong. No doubt someone was in my room. I lived alone in a one bedroom apartment. So I'm starting to kind of freak out inside because there's no doubt in my mind someone's behind me. You know that feeling you're kind of anticipating something to touch you but it never happens? Well something touched me. Something with big bulky fat fingers with a thumb. It just firmly grasped my shoulder. I have never been so frightened in my life and I've been thru some ROUGH shit. I screamed so hard in my mind. Nothing came out. I tried so hard to scream aloud but it didn't work. The fear was so bad that I went blank. I don't know what else happened. I woke up in the morning scared as hell. It took me months to get over it. I never told anyone besides my best friend.

Arthur also commented that "When I was a kid I used to have nightmares in nightmares" and "I had so many nightmares that I figured out how to wake myself up from them. I can still do it today but I enjoy nightmares now. I'm a writer so I write them down".

Comment below and tell us: Have you had a sleep paralysis experience?

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