Girard, Ohio Bigfoot Sighting

Girard, Ohio Bigfoot Sighting

We decided to reprint this story on BDSC because it is local to us. We are about 30 minutes away from where Bigfoot was reported to have been sighted, twice. Now we do have some experience in Bigfoot research, and this only amps us up. It may be time for Black Diamond Social Club to take a field trip. We need a reason to get out of the office anyway. Most of us are looking a little pasty after the long east coast winter. The story was originally reported by Molly Reed for WKBN.

Bigfoot search party in Girard wants to ‘prove to the world’ it exists

A Youngstown man thinks he saw Bigfoot on his way home, so the group drove to the Valley from California because they believe the creature is hiding out in Girard. The group called Searching for Bigfoot, Inc. traveled to the Valley as part of their $1 million bounty competition.

They came here because of a picture taken by Xavier King. King was driving to his Youngstown home when he said he saw Bigfoot twice. The second time, he got out of the car and took a picture.

“I had seen something, I don’t know what it was, I had seen something, that’s all I know,” King said. “I got out and took a picture.”

He showed the picture to his friend Angela Britt, who is a firm believer in Bigfoot. She went online and contacted the Searching for Bigfoot group so that they could investigate.

“He said, ‘Send me the pictures, I’m going to send them to my lab and send you back the results,’ and he did, with the diagram, with the head, the legs, the arms, and everything,” Britt said.

“We know they use rivers and creeks as byways and freeways. Food, vegetation that they could eat, all of this was in those pictures,” said T.J. Biscardi, director of operations for Searching for Bigfoot.

T.J.’s father, Tom Biscardi, founded the company. Searching for Bigfoot, Inc. which is owned by Bigfoot Project Investments, Inc. — a publicly traded company (BGFT). T.J. said he started believing himself when he experienced his own bigfoot sighting in Texas in 2008.

He said he gets more sightings in Ohio during this time of year because the creatures are migrating north.

“Ohio is a major migrational path going north. You have to understand, they follow rivers and clusters of forests and these creatures,” Biscardi said. “I’ve been tracking them from Paris, Texas since last December and now I’ve been tracking them up north here.”

The group travels the country for nine months out of the year and gathers evidence based on sightings. Biscardi said their research shows the creatures mainly travel and feed at night.

“So we’re jumping up in front of him, hopefully. With the team ready, we’ll get to capture one of these creatures and bring it back and prove to the world that they exist.”

The $1,000,000 bounty started April 2 and will be offered through Christmas, December 25, 2017, at 11:59 p.m. Because King’s photo is part of a competition, the group wouldn’t show it to us, though they said it could be the creature.

The group will be camping out here for the entire weekend, waiting to see if they can catch the big guy. He adds that if they see it, they’ll tranquilize it.

Have you seen Bigfoot? Report your sighting by clicking here.


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