• Symbols of the Illuminati

Symbols of the Illuminati: All Seeing Eye and Pyramid

Symbols of the Illuminati

Many conspiracy theorists are quick to point out the recurring symbology of the Illuminati. The first of these that we will investigate is the "all seeing eye" because it is the most widely recognized symbol of the Illuminati and has a long historical record which hint further at its meaning.

Symbols of the Illuminati

U.S. History

The eye first became associated with US Government in 1776 when three design committees were tasked with creating the Great Seal of the United States. Artistic consultant and portrait painter Pierre Eugene du Simitiere is believed to be the one who suggested including the eye as part of the seal. On the version of the seal that was eventually approved, the Eye is positioned above an unfinished pyramid with 13 steps, meant to symbolize not only the 13 original states of the union, but the hope for the future of the United States as it grew new states. After this third committee, the Eye of Providence was adopted on the reverse side of the Great Seal of the United States in 1782. Though Du Simitiere was not a Freemason, others who participated in the approval process were: Benjamin Franklin and Thomas Jefferson. This is why some have suggested a more cryptic meaning behind the 13 steps which we will discuss shortly.

See more about the Great Seal design committees here.

Ancient Cultures:

The all seeing Eye does appear in other cultures through out history:

The Ancient Greeks sang the Hymns of Orpheus, describing the sun as an “eternal eye with broad survey” ; and describing it as the “Father of ages” that is the “Faithful defender, and the eye of right.”

Symbols of the Illuminati

In Ancient Egypt, both the Eye of Osiris and the Eye of Horus are considered to be all seeing, representing symbols of protection, healing and restoration.

Symbols of the Illuminati: All Seeing Eye and Pyramid

In ancient India, a similar symbol appears in a Sanskrit text called the Rig Veda. It's one of the oldest existing texts and is believed to have been written over 3,000 years ago. The Rig Veda makes many mentions of the sun and deities as being an "eye" in heaven, and the Hindu God Shiva (pictured above) has three eyes. The third eye is on her brow and is a chakra, or energy center, that is always open and reveals creation and an awakened consciousness. This higher level of awareness is a quality of spiritual beings which mortals can obtain.

Symbols of the Illuminati

The Buddhists of Nepal often display the "Eyes of Buddha" in temples, and refer to the Eye of the World. This mark is a third eye, as in Sanskrit texts, and statues of Buddha display third eye representing wisdom and compassion.


In the Middle East, all-seeing eye's appear as a symbol called the Hamsa, Khamsa or Hamesh. Its an eye in the palm symbolizing protection, particularly against the evil eye and bad luck. It is also known as the hand of Fatima in Islam and the hand of Miriam in Judaism. These are believed to have originated from Ancient Mesopotamia and the hand of Ishtar - a symbol of divine protection.

The common theme in all these ancient cultures is that the all seeing eye is positive, a symbol of protection and high level thinking or consciousness. A connection to the Gods.

masonic eye


In modern times, the All Seeing Eye does not carry quite so positive meanings. The Eye of Providence is frequently linked with Freemasonry and first surfaced in the groups iconography in 1797. Some suggest the eye is a reminder of the influence of Freemasonry in the founding of the early United States, a link to the founding fathers. This link is vehemently denied by Masons. According to Albert G. Mackey’s Encyclopedia of Freemasonry, the symbol was "adopted as the symbol of swiftness, the arm of strength, and the hand of fidelity. On the same principle, the open eye was selected as the symbol of watchfulness, and the eye of God as the symbol of Divine watchfulness and care of the universe". As you can see in the image above, the Masonic eye is most often surrounded by rays of light. That isn't a necessarily negative definition, but its the connotations of being watched that disturbs most of us.

all seeing eye

Illuminati Links

Conspiracy theorists suggest that the all-seeing eye has more sinister meanings. They believe the eye represents the Eye of Lucifer. The 13 steps of the pyramid we mentioned before symbolize the 13 Illuminati Bloodlines which rule over the planet with an iron hand. The US year of inception, 1776, also happens to coincide with the founding of the Bavarian Illuminati by Adam Weishaupt. Though there is no evidence that the Bavarian Illuminati used the eye in any of its rituals, they did use a point within a circle, similar to an all seeing eye, to represent the Order.

Symbols of the Illuminati

The eye is also part of other government agency logos, such as the logo for DARPA's Information Awareness Office.

The Dollar Bill:

We have all heard the conspiracy theories about American currency. Most often the dollar bill is the victim of this story, but other denominations are not immune. Just look at these explanations for the symbols on the bills in your wallet.

Symbols of the Illuminati

Symbols of the Illuminati


Wikileaks founder Julian Assange released documents which reveal the existence of the Illuminati, if you believe them:

Sinister or Positive, there is little doubt that the all seeing eye has infiltrated our culture. It's often referenced in music, fashion, logos, and just about anything else you can think of. Comment below and tell us: do you think the EYE has sinister meanings? or is it just another logo?

Symbols of the Illuminati: All Seeing Eye and Pyramid

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