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How to Build a UFO

Well, some guy is claiming to have collected blueprints for UFO's in a handy book, now available on Amazon. The encyclopedia is a gathering of documents and photos from top secret black projects which were available all the while, but no one seems to have noticed or looked for them.

From the authors own description:

Cleaner. Clearer. More concise. The only complete encyclopedia of black aerospace / top secret UFO technology is here, now in its revised original edition. Each volume is under 630 pages, per the requirements of Amazon.com, and have a significantly lower price than the previous editions. These are the blueprints and plans from inventors, aerospace companies and government agencies (Lockheed, NASA etc.) that perform exactly as as the strange craft photographed and video recorded performing outrageous and unbelievable maneuvers in the skies at thousands of miles per hour. These books expound on the science of top secret black aerospace propulsion and power systems previously identified as UFOs! This encyclopedia of classified knowledge now has thousands of pages of UFO technology! The Abridged Original Edition of the UFO How-To series has arrived!

The craft fall into six main categories of propulsion:

1) Air powered. Some of the oldest patents are air foil discs and giant blowers.

2) Electrogravitic. Large voltages of electricity pulsed into the right receivers.

3) Plasma Propulsion. Think of rockets that run on lightning. Or David Adair.

4) Magnetohydrodynamic. These are the ‘glowing balls of light’ people see.

5) Fusion. A catch all category for fusion, fission, and antimatter drives.

6) Inertial. Mechanical momentum powered craft.

He also promises that in the UFO How-To series you will learn:

1) How to identify these amazing craft

2) How to build the these amazing craft that you have seen or witnessed

3) How you can advance the whole of society into the future

4) How to prevent the disasters of climate change through green technology

5) How to revitalize the global economy

6) How you can make a fortune on the New Space Age

7) How you can make the world a better place

The website makes for an interesting read more the more scientifically inclined researcher, check it out here http://www.ufohowto.com/

If you do pick up the book, be sure to comment below and tell us what you learned.

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