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Good Work Gets Noticed: The Phoenix Lights

March 14th, 2017 marked the 20th anniversary of the Phoenix Lights event. I did a pretty lengthy write up on the story, sharing it on Facebook though several groups, including our own BDSC. Well that research didn't go unnoticed, leading to one of our busiest days ever on the site, and an endorsement by none other than Dr. Lynne Kitei.

Lynne Kitei is the definitive researcher on the Phoenix Lights, having witnessed strange light phenomena in her own backyard years before the mass sighting which was featured on major news outlets. She recently re-released her book on the sightings with updated information to coincide with the anniversary. Here is a link to purchase it. By purchasing through are link you are guaranteed a low price, and we earn a small commission which helps us keep the site going. She maintains an in depth website which you can visit here.

It might seem like a small vote of confidence, but it lets me know that the work we are doing here at Black Diamond Social Club is getting noticed, and maybe in some way we are part of the push for disclosure. Be sure to like our page, and share it with your friends.

See my original story here: 20th Anniversary of The Phoenix Lights

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