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Should You Fear or Welcome Alien Visitors?

Here are two articles I have come across about two men with different outlooks on potential alien visitors. One story is about a guy who is trying to fend off alien visitors in Pennsylvania, to the dismay of his neighbors, by covering his house in tin foil and lights. The other is the story of a man from California who welcomes the potential other worldly visitors with open arms. He has even set up a huge welcome signfor UFO's to let them know it is safe to land on his property. What do you think? Would you fear or welcome an alien visitor? I don't think I am afraid of alien visitation, but I don't really want them visiting me alone.

story originally appeared on wfmj.com

Hermitage residents say neighbor is afraid of aliens

An unusual story out of Mercer County, where neighbors say they're fed up with an elderly man who wraps his house in what appears to be foil and shines spot lights to deter aliens.

Neighbors say the Hermitage home on Virginia Road appeared tame Thursday night, compared to other times. Still, it was partially covered in what appears to be foil and some very bright lights shined from windows and the porch.

Spot lights that were turned off, could also be see on the porch.

"He's afraid of aliens so it's foil and spot lights," said neighbor Nancy Raich. "Over the years my husband and I were 'they.' We didn't have names like George and Nancy. Sometimes he was nice and forgot about it. We were 'they' - the leaders of the alien gang."

Other neighbors shared similar stories when talking about 78-year-old Arthur Brown.

"He wears foil under his hat so they can't read his mind. He's so afraid that Nancy or I, or my husband Joe are going to read his mind," said Neighbor Donna Misnay. "I don't care what's on his mind, we just want the lights off. We want peace and quiet brought back to this street."

Browns attorney says he's known Brown for about 13 years and says that while he may be a tad "eccentric." He says Brown has never mentioned to aliens to him.

Regardless, Raich says she's been tolerant of Brown for more than 20 years. She now wants to move but, can't sell her home.

"I thought this is not going to be my life. I want to put my house up for sale. I want to move to a condo in the area, we have some nice ones, and this man controls my life so I got mad," said Raich.

Raich took her complaints to the city. Brown has been cited for a zoning code violation. His attorney has appealed the charge saying Brown never received notification.

The second story was featured on ABC News.

California Man Creates Extraterrestrial Rock Art in Backyard 'in Hopes of Inviting Aliens' to Home

A 77-year-old man in Romoland, California, said he and his family have created a massive alien face in his backyard “in hopes of inviting aliens” to his home.

Work on the 60-foot-by-90-foot “rock garden” started this past Monday and was finished by Thursday afternoon, according to Larry Decker, who said he’s been fascinated by the idea of extraterrestrials nearly his whole life.

“Aliens watch everything we do,” Decker told ABC News today. “My idea was to build this thing big enough to be seen from up there, and hopefully, they’ll decide to come down and check it out.”

He added that he has “cameras set up all around his house” and that he hopes the rock art will “attract UFOs” that he can then catch on video.

Larry Decker, 77, said he and his family created a 60-by-90 alien face out of rocks in his backyard in Romoland, California, “in the hopes of inviting aliens” to his home.

“Wouldn’t it be nice to go to the porch swing and have a nice chat?” Decker said. “So hopefully this face will trick them to come, so we can shake hands and talk.”

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