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Hipster Store Sells Wooden Sticks

Hipster Store Sells Wooden Sticks

Hipster Store Sells Wooden Sticks for the Crazy Price of $22 Each

A store is selling ‘handcrafted’ sticks for the extraordinary price of $22 each.

The sticks (pictured) – literally pieces of wood gathered from a forest – are being sold by an outlet called Botanique Workshop, which styles itself an ‘artisan store and flower shop’.

The unique selling point of the sticks – which cost between £12 ($15) and £18 ($22) – is that they have holes drilled in them so that they can be used as clothes hooks or hangers for jewelry.

Botanique Workshop is located in a district of north London called Stoke Newington, which is increasingly popular with hipsters and metrosexuals.

Owner Alice Howard said the sticks are made from birch and holly which has been sanded down and had holes drilled into the back so they can be attached to a wall. She said they were “on trend” and that handcrafted items are very popular at present.

Ms Howard told the Daily Mail: “They are made by a friend of my mum in Devon. He doesn’t sell them to me very cheaply. I think they take about 20 minutes to make. He has to source the wood because not all branches have the right notches. Then he has to sand them off and plane the back to give them a nice finish, then add the holes, so that’s what makes it a product and not just a stick. They look quite nice displayed on a wall if you’re into that kind of thing. I have a fair few at home.”

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