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If your GF shops at Forever 21, she may be a Nazi

According to a recent post on Yahoo, a popular clothing store, one which your own girl friend may shop at, is hiding subliminal messages in its t-shirt designs. These messages are Nazi oriented. Just wanted to give you heads up in case you're dating a white girl who has been giving you some 'tude lately, and you notice she has some flashy new shirts in her wardrobe.

Forever 21 Shirt Might Have Nazi Symbols, and People Aren’t Happy

Another day, another drama for formidable fast-fashion brand Forever 21.

This time, the retailer beloved by millennials everywhere is stirring up controversy by selling T-shirts that may contain racist propaganda, reports the local Fox40 news affiliate in Modesto, Calif. Customer Stella Lopez was shopping at an outpost of the chain this past weekend when she and friend Amie Alton spotted a rack of graphic tees adorned with the number 88.

“Those are huge symbols of hate,” Lopez explained to Fox40. “It’s definitely Nazi propaganda.”

Not familiar with this particular symbol? The number 88 is in fact a well-documented if slightly under-the-radar code phrase among white supremacists that stands for “Heil Hitler.” H is the eighth letter in the alphabet, making two H‘s a form of in-the-know shorthand for the infamous Nazi salute that has unfortunately risen in popularity in recent years as a subtle way to avoid using overtly racist terminology while communicating the same message.

“I’ve seen that tagged on stuff growing up and know what that is,” Alton told reporters. “It stands for HH, ‘Heil Hitler.’ And the lightning bolt stands for the SS from the Third Reich.”

While lightning bolts are generally pictured in pairs as a representation of white supremacy, the Forever 21 T-shirt in question contains them only as single symbols. But combined with the numbers, which are randomly scattered across the shirt in a prominent font in slogans like “88 forever,” the women felt the message was unmistakable — and they had to do something about it.

“I just took the stack of shirts and told the guy about it that was working at the store, and gave him a little background history which he did not know about,” Alton explained. “And he set them behind the counter.” When representatives from Fox40 later visited the Forever 21 store in question to see the shirts for themselves, they found them removed from the floor. But, a men’s hoodie bearing the symbols remained for sale at the location. As for the shirt that started it all, at the time of Fox40’s report, it remained for sale online, but as of this writing, we can no longer find it among the brand’s copious graphic tees.

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