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What is Sexy: Rockabilly Girls

Maybe it's the association with cool cars and vintage motorcycles. Or maybe it's because the look is a throwback to when women were more feminine, and well, men were men. Either way, I love to see a cute girl who has a little rockabilly edge. It's a style that combines a 1950's sensibility and adds a modern edge and attitude. Check out this pic of a woman from the 50's:

She is classy yet sexy, shapely and healthy. Of course, we have the classic image of Marilyn Monroe, who every curvy woman today wants to compare herself to. But I don't see many woman today who look like this:

Then we have Betty Page who perfectly understood that men want class in the streets, yet sex appeal in the bedroom:

Instead, this is what the plus size movement tell us is the standard of "beauty" today:

The cool thing about Rockabilly culture is that it's inclusive. Go to a car show and you are bound to see models that are thin, thick, and in every shape and size. With that in mind, here are some modern girls who offer a throwback to when it was ok to ask a girl to make you a sandwich, to a time when you didn't need to blow a weeks salary on flowers and a fancy restaurant. Instead, taking her to a drive in and having a milkshake made for a good date. Before feminism gave women the power to stop taking care of their appearance. I guess I am old fashioned.

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