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Above Top Secret: Security Clearances

The purpose of this particular article is to compile a list of security clearances, specifically as they relate to the topic of UFO's and Aliens (in particular disclosure) and topics like conspiracy theory and politics. The article is meant to be organic in that the list will grow and evolve as more information becomes available. Consider this to be a crowd sourced project: as researchers provide additional information and it is confirmed it will be added to the list.

What is a Top Secret Clearance?

Most of us have heard the term “top secret” and are aware that certain jobs require a top secret security clearance. Now as mysterious as it sounds, quite a few people hold this designation: contractors in IT departments, even certain maintenance workers who simply go in and clean government facilities may hold a top secret designation. It simply means that you do not have a serious enough criminal background to pose a threat to the security of the building, department, program, or project you are working on.

The Security of Information Act and Privacy Act is the law which regulates government classified information. Only those who are deemed as loyal and reliable to the United States of America are given the designation and access to sensitive information. Clearances at the reliability status level and secret levels are valid for 10 years, whereas top secret clearance is valid for 5 years. No one can be sure how long an above top secret level is good for, but most of our research suggests that an ATS clearance lasts as long as the project is active.

By federal law, there is supposedly no level of classification above top secret.

Now within the scope of “top secret” are several levels. The more sensitive the data or operation you have access to, the stricter the requirements are to have that access. So the maintenance worker who comes in at night and cleans the office could have an opportunity to inadvertently see a file laying on a desk, charts on the memo board etc and therefore may require a simple top secret clearance. The IT professional who is accessing a database of information may not know what all the information means, but he must be cleared for the additional potential breach opportunity he presents. So under the umbrella of top secret are many additional levels and designations.

Through preliminary research we have found these known clearances from the Above Top Secret website forums and various other online sources. It is further confirmed on the UFO Casebook site. The TV show UFO Hunters also reported on the topic of security clearances. These clearances are KNOWN to exist, meaning they are confirmed to exist and are undisputed, being that they are public knowledge - though the information revealed at a particular level is unknown.

These clearances listed below are "set" clearances.

1C or 2C - Federal 3C or 4C - Federal 5C or 6C - Federal ADP 1 ADP 2 CIA Lifestyle Polygraph COMSEC CONFIDENTIAL Cosmic Top Secret - ATOMAL/CTSA DEA Clearance DISA DISCO DOD DOD Lifestyle Polygraph DOD Secret DOD - Top Secret SSBI DOE - Nuclear DOE - C DOE - L DOE - Q DOJ - NACI DOJ - Sensitive DOJ - Secret DOJ - Top Secret EBI - Extended Background Investigation FAA Clearance FBI Foreign Government Information Industrial Clearance Inactive Clearance Inactive Top Secret Crypto Interim Secret Interim Top Secret Interim TS / SCI IRS - MBI ISSA / CISSP MBI (IRS) NAC NASA NATO NATO Secret NSA Lifestyle Polygraph Position of Public Trust 1C Position of Public Trust 2C Position of Public Trust 3C Position of Public Trust 4C Position of Public Trust 5C Position of Public Trust 6C Polygraph - Counterintelligence Polygraph - Full Scope / Lifestyle SAR S - Secret Secret COMSEC Secret SBI SIDA - Secured Identification Defense Area SAP - Special Access Programs SBI - Special Background Investigation SCI - Special Compartmented Intelligence SSBI - Single Scope Background Inv. Technology TS - Top Secret Top Secret-Crypto Top Secret-Crypto SCI / TK / G / HCS-P Top Secret-Final / Crypto / Polygraph Top Secret-SCI / SBI Top Secret-SCI / HSC Top Secret-SCI / SI / TK Top Secret-SCI / SI / TK / G / B Top Secret-SCI / SI / TK / G / HCS Top Secret-SCI / SIOP Top Secret-SCI / SSBI Top Secret-SBI-TS/SBI Top Secret-CISP-TS/CISP Top Secret-ISSA-TS/ISSA Top Secret-SAP-TS/SAP Top Secret-SCI-CI polygraph-TS/SCI/CI Poly Top Secret-SCI-Full/Scope Lifestyle-TS/SCI Lifestyle Poly Top Secret-SCI-TS/SCI Top Secret-SSBI-TS/SSBI Top Secret-SCI /SSBI / SI / TK Top Secret-SCI / TK / G / HCS / CI Poly Top Secret-SCI / TK / G / Lifestyle Poly Top Secret-SCI / SSBI / CI Poly Top Secret-SI / TK / B / + Top Secret-SSBI / CI Poly Top Secret-SSBI / SCI / TK / G / HCS Top Secret-SSBI / Lifestyle Poly Top Secret-SSBI / SCI Top Secret-SSBI / SCI/ SI / TK / G Top Secret-SSBI / SCI / SI / TK / G / B / HCS Top Secret-SSBI / SCI / TK / HCS Top Secret-SSBI / SCI-B Top Secret-EBI Top Secret-SCI - SI / TK / G / HCS / I / P Top Secret-CISP - TS / CISP Top Secret-ISSA - TS / ISSA Top Secret-SAP - TS / SAP Top Secret-SCI - CI Poly - TS / SCI / CI Poly Top Secret-SCI - Full / Scope Lifestyle - TS / SCI Lifestyle Top Secret-SCI - TS / SCI Top Secret-SSBI - SCI / TK / B / HCS / CI - Poly Top Secret-SSBI - TS / SSBI US Citizen US Customs US Treasury Clearance USPS VR Yankee Fire Yankee White

A website called The Awake Mind provides an additional list of supposed Above Top Secret clearances related to one of our topics of interest, UFO's and Aliens.

As you can see, the President of the United States sits at level 17. Most information on the web suggests that between 28 and 38 levels exist above top secret, though I did find one mention of 46 additional levels. Cosmic is the reported clearance at which one gains information related to UFO's. This is not to be confused with the Cosmic Top Secret - ATOMAL/CTSA designation from the first list.

Majestic, in the chart above, is the highest clearance, giving full access to all files of interest. This may have been a temporary clearance created for the Majestic 12 group, also known as the Aviary, under the Truman Administration after the Roswell, New Mexico crash.

The group is reported to have been assembled in 1952. According to Wikipedia, In 1984 ufologist Jaime Shandera received an envelope containing film which which he developed. It showed images of eight pages of documents that appeared to be briefing papers describing "Operation Majestic Twelve". Stanton T. Friedman and Bill Moore soon after received a series of anonymous messages that led them to find what has been called the "Cutler/Twining memo".

Later in 1996 a document called the MJ-12 "Special Operations Manual" was leaked. Both the original briefing papers, other documents, and the groups existence are disputed.

The FBI began its own investigation of the documents. The United States Air Force Office of Special Investigations (AFOSI) stated that no such committee had ever been authorized or formed, and that the documents were “bogus.” Prominent researchers Stanton T. Friedman and Linda Moulton Howe are believers, having inspected the documents first hand. If Majestic does exist, information sources report that 25 people world wide hold this position of security clearance.

Bob Lazar

A person of note is infamous UFO whistle blower Bob Lazar who claimed that he was given the majestic security clearance while working at Area 51. While temporarily employed at the S4 site, Lazar says he saw first hand nine flying saucers and his job was to assist in back engineering the alien technology.

Of course, all records for Lazar either a) disappeared if you believe his story or b) never existed because Lazar is a fraud. The only part of his resume to be substantiated to date is his temporary employment at Los Alamos National Labs which listed him in the telephone directory.

Keep in mind that many security clearances are short lived, created on a temporary basis for certain projects, and are deleted when the project is completed. Perhaps something like this happened to Lazar.

A website called Department 5 suggests the following classifications ATS, the list is the same, but the confirmation here is that MAJESTIC is the clearance for UFO files, but LUNA and COSMIC also fall into the related category.



(Above the President, all military and civilian agencies, in protecting the United States Constitution and the Declaration of Independence, and aid in preventing wars to avoid a nuclear Armageddon)


(Air Force official investigations of nuclear weapons security)


(Air Force official investigations on Alien’s and UFO’s)


(US Air Force Space Test Program: propulsion, dark matter, dark energy)


(A project to study a mining base set up on the dark side of the Moon)


(Covert CIA mind control, began early 1950’s)


(NSA Wiretapping, Eves dropping)


(US Gov. Project: Beyond Dreaming)


(Federal Government fast growing crime prevention partnership with statewide coordination)


(US accountability for orbiting satellites, data collected by 6 orbiting satellites)


(Information is not available)

QAnon and the Q Level Clearance

QAnon is a popular social media presence that first came onto the scene via 4chan message boards claiming to have insider information related to President Trump's political rivals. The self described “Q Clearance Patriot” communicates by releasing cryptic clues and Tweets (known as “breadcrumbs”) that supposedly reveal top-level “Q clearance” information.

Believers commonly tag their social media posts and shares with the hashtag #WWG1WGA to signify the motto "where we go one, we go all." The left wing has dismissed Q as a conspiracy theorist and the FBI has went as far as to label Q-adherents as extremists and called them a domestic terrorism threat.

According to Wikipedia, a Q level clearance (also called Q access authorization) is a DOD authorization to access restricted and top secret restricted information as defined by Atomic Energy Act of 1954. A ten year FBI single scope background investigation (SSBI) is required to be granted the clearance. It is considered to be a sensitivity Level 3 (National Security Critical-Sensitive) though many who possess Q clearance will also concurrently hold a Level 4: National Security Special-Sensitive personnel authorization.

Sandia.gov states that "interestingly, the military implemented an “M” clearance for non-civilian personnel who needed access to restricted data" suggesting that if "Q" is real he is an insider. A quick search on indeed for Q Top Secret Clearance jobs returned positions such as Business Continuity Consultant, Security Specialist, Declassification Analyst III, Program Manager, and Emergency Management Specialist.

Another researcher found that "according to the Federation of American Scientists, Q Clearance allows access to special nuclear material" meaning that “an employee with a Q sensitive clearance could have access to nuclear weapons design, manufacture, or use data.”

Information related to our nuclear program seems to be the main purpose of the clearance and one job posting I found states that familiarity with DOE nuclear facilities is a preferred qualification. Of note is J. Robert Oppenheimer, an American scientist who led the Los Alamos Laboratory during World War II. Oppenheimer played a key role in the Manhattan Project - a program which developed the atomic bomb. He also had his Q clearance revoked under suspicion of Communist ties.

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