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European Brothel Offers ‘Hyper Realistic’ Sex Dolls, Promises to Fulfill Wildest Fantasies

Calling itself the “first sex dolls agency”, a company in Spain is offering hyper-realistic silicone dolls with “big boobs and “angelic faces” and a promise to satisfy clients for about $100.

Operating out of an apartment in Barcelona, Lumidolls has four high-end sex dolls—with different skin tones and appearances. They are “hard to distinguish from a real woman,” the company boasts. The dolls have oral, vaginal, and anal cavities “just like all women,” and can make the experience “pleasurable” and “exciting,” Lumidolls claims.

Visitors to Lumidolls are met by a receptionist, who shows them into a room equipped with a plasma TV with a selection of porn movies for a “unique experience.”

“The doll has everything you need to fulfill your fantasies,” the site explains. “Do not hesitate to provide us with all details to make your fantasy with the doll come true—from the setting of a place to the dress in which you would like to receive her.”

One of the dolls is an anime character that “can please you better than you can ever expect.”

Some already predict that hyper-realistic sex dolls will help decrease prostitution and sex trafficking. Matt McMullen, CEO of Real Doll, believes that sex dolls might actually save lives.

Others, however, think that sex dolls are dehumanizing towards women and encourage violence. Kathleen Richardson, a scholar of robotics and a feminist, claims that there is a direct connection between “the development and imagination of sex dolls and rape culture”.

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