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Change.org Petition for UFO Disclosure

Petition for UFO Disclosure

An author named Tammy Creo has submitted a petition on UFO disclosure to the website Change.org. While I doubt its the first such petition, I guess the best we can do is keeping hounding the powers that be for information and pushing for an umtimate disclosure. Here is what she had to say in the request:

We, the people, have been lied for centuries and denied the truth about everything. In the 40’s the government of the United States started hiding even more deals they had with certain groups, which was acknowledged by President Eisenhower in 1961 when he gave his farewell speech. We, the People, know the truth already. They can try to poison us with vaccines, chemtrails, fluoride, GMO’s, prescription medications, water and air, but we know and ask the truth be revealed.

They have lied about races from different galaxies, our own nature and background, basically our origins, but we know it. They ridiculed anyone from the government, from the science field, or just a witness who tried to tell the truth about UFO'S and ET's, but we know. The government has space crafts not only given to them but also those who crashed on earth that were reversed engineered.

We, the People, want to have “Full Disclosure”, we know you are trying to give us a little information instead of full Disclosure, but that is not acceptable. We demand “Full Disclosure” about:

1) All extraterrestrial life and contacts – Secret Space Programs – Lunar Operation – Solar Warden. Contracts made between our Government and ET Groups. Experimentation allowed by the government. Inner Earth, including all the bases and discoveries in Antarctica, such as; Adamites, Draconian’s bases, Nazis’ bases, SSP’s bases, ancient artefacts and beings in suspended animation.

2) We demand a financial rest, to establish a different financial system where the Federal Reserve is eliminated.

3) To put a stop to vaccination as means of poisoning people and to allow the new technologies be used for healing and therefore eliminating the current pharma mafia that creates cancer to sell a cure.

4) To have open tribunals. To arrest all humanity criminals, including pedophile people and groups associated, including crimes on other countries, expose and judge not in secret, but openly so people can understand the process and the lies they had been told and start healing.

5) Protect our earth, air, water and humans. Allow the new technology to eliminate the current pollution on earth, including water and air from chemtrails. Eliminate GMO’s, only organic food and properly labeled must be allowed. Stop all AI devices of population control to allow free thinking, healing and peace, and any other devices that interfere with out earth and sun energy.

6) Put an end to corruption in the government and arrest all the politicians involved in; dealings with other government to obtain financial benefits, paying people to manifest with the purpose of creating chaos and disturbances, kidnapping women and children to use as slaves for their diabolic ideas. Disclose all FBI and CIA - We demand to expose all those who willingly or by order were spying on citizens of USA.

7) Finally, to bring all soldiers back and create peace and wellbeing in our own country, starting by taking care of our own people; veterans, homeless, and making sure that we all receive a healthcare available (not forced) accessible to all and free or low cost education.

Sign the petition here: UFO Disclosure


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