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Review: Rescue Flash Signal Mirror

I bought this to add to my camping bag for emergency purposes. There are lots of signal mirrors out there, so I chose to go with this one from Adventure Medical Kits, who have a focused line of outdoor products. I was hoping that a specialty company with a limited range of products would offer something unique or special in their offering.

Well I was wrong, it's a signal mirror. That isn't a knock on the product, I guess there isn't much else you can do with it. Many of the brand names claim their mirror signals reflect over how ever many miles. I don't know about that, but I did reflect this one across the street into the neighbors house and it was bright in full sun.

I do like its small size, which makes it easy to slip into any pocket on even an Altoids tin for a small survival kit. It has a small hole if you want to attach a lanyard. It's plastic, which may be a downside to some. I heard plastic scratches and the reflective surface will flake off. This has not happened to mine, but it is protected in a soft case and not used often other than practice. Out of the package I noticed a small issue on mine. The layers were glued together slightly off, the top layer sticks out slightly from the bottom layer of plastic. The mirror works, but makes the reflected light shoot off at a bit of an angle. Annoying, but not worth sending back.

When it comes to a signal mirror, you need one in your kit for the what if, but don't break the bank. If you purchase this brand or another, Choose the size (2x3, 4x6) which fits your kit. Practice. Know how to use it, then put it in a sleeve or case in your bag and hope you never need to pull it out. Thanks to Amazon for the pics of the product, you can find it here to purchase.

Comment below and tell us what sticky situations you have been it that required a signal mirror

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