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Pro-Knot Outdoor Knots

Pro-Knot Outdoor Knots

These are a great item to throw into your bag. I picked them up because I know nothing about knots and wanted to add a few to my abilities. I looked around for a knot book and was overwhelmed by the sheer volume contained in them. Who knew there are so many knots? Not only did I get confused about which ones I should know for practicality, but also with so many variations of knots everything jumbled together.

Pro-Knot offer a handful for your everyday situations like tying down a mattress on your car so it doesn't blow off while driving home, or a quick release, a fishing knot...just the right amount of info for the guy who doesn't want to dedicate hours to being an expert, but who does want to be able to secure a knot in varied situations.

The cards themselves are plastic (waterproof) and riveted together at the corner so that they open in a fan shape. Clear and easy to read with understandable pictures, as well as advice on when you should or should not use each type. Credit card size they fit in a wallet, or any pouch on a hike bag. They weigh an ounce tops. There is no reason these should not be in your fishing kit or gear bag. Thanks to Amazon for the images of the product, if you want to pick up a set they are available here.

Comment below and tell us what knots you have found to be useful in the outdoors

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