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Plus Sized Models

As we mentioned in our article on Ashley Graham, there's a lot of double standards in the plus sized modeling industry. But the latest double standard is that the plus sized women is a voluptuous vixen to be treasured, where as the big man is ummm, a lumberjack or just a fat guy who eats too much. Don't get me wrong, the chick above is super sexy, but compare that to the "sexy" bedroom choices for the big guy:

Notice how unhappy he looks? How come every big girl we see now is smiling and laughing, loving life, and apparently enjoying all the attention she is getting for being part of the new "in crowd". Well sorry, I don't see the plus size movement as an " in crowd" - instead it's the high school clique trying to alienate others, their form of revenge for being last years outcasts.

If we google "big mens clothes" we get such awesome selections as polos, camouflage, and lots of black pants from retailers like Casual Male XL and King Size Direct. Pretty lame stuff. Even the names are boring. But no word from the plus size movement to be inclusive to men as well. Of course plus sized women get to shop at sites with evocative names like Torrid which feature scaled up fashionable versions of skinny girl clothes.

I googled "plus size male model" and found this guy. Do you know who he is? Exactly. I didn't either. His name is Zach Miko. He is part of a crop of up and coming big men trying to change the industry according to this article. Of course Ashley Graham gets the cover of Sports Illustrated while Zack gets ... a mention on this blog. If you view the article you see that the men featured definitely are not skinny, but they look like any average dude on the street. Dare I say normal sized.

Check out these male mannequins, apparently big men have weird physical proportions, dress like off duty wrestlers, and horrify Reddit Users :

Meanwhile models like Tess Munster are being sold as sexy:

Sorry Tess, we like a girl to have meat on her bones, but you went past that label 50 pounds ago. It looks like the plus sized movement has gone overboard trying to include everyone. Well at least every female. People do come in different shapes and sizes but there's a limit. We like healthy which is the very reason we like hips, curves, and big tits. Softness implies femininity and reproductive health and is biologically wired into our brains. We also like sexy outfits.

Comment below on your view of plus sized models.

What do you think qualifies as plus sized? Is there a limit?

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