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Ashley Graham Plus Size Model

We love women of all sizes. If you wear it well you can be sexy at (most) any clothing size. The movement towards plus size acceptance which is empowering curvy girls to feel comfortable in their bodies is fine by us. And it makes sense that the movement needs an icon, but is Ashley Graham really the best model for the movement? Thanks to TMZ we get a "behind" the scenes look at Ashley Graham's most recent photo shoot. It doesn't look like this:

or this

or even this

Instead, it seems like Ashley is perfectly fine taking advantage of lighting techniques, self tanner, pre-show prep techniques like water loss and fasting to shed weight fast, and a copious amount of Photoshop to achieve her "real woman" appearance we see in the magazines. So before that deception this is what she really looks like:

And you know what? There is absolutely nothing wrong with what she looks like in these pics. She is a curvy attractive woman. Professing to be proud of her cellulite, as she does, just isn't honest though. The plus size "natural" movement claims to body accepting, yet is perfectly fine using the tricks they shame the "skinny" modeling industry of using.

Isn't that counter intuitive to the message you are spreading? So the indirect message to all the women you are trying to empower is "youre beautiful, with a couple of tweeks".

Most of the guys here have never seen an ab on their cheese burger fueled bodies, and we don't prance around in a Speedo or rip off our shirts at the beach because well, no one wants to see that. That's ok, we don't need anyone to reinvent the definition of beauty so that we fit in. Would anyone think any less of Ashley Graham being the face of the plus size movement with a little less skin showing while looking like this? We doubt it.

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