• Brooke Bailey

Quick Workout: Core Four

There are two main obstacles to working out and obtaining the physique you want: time and motivation. We are going to address the first issue today: Time.

In a hectic schedule its important to make the most of the time you have to workout - if it's at home or the gym stay moving and stay focused. One way to do that is to hit the most muscle groups in the shortest amount of time. Add to that intensity and you have a recipe for body transformation.

So to achieve our goal we are going to focus on four strength building exercises. These exercises are the basis of any football or military program. They are the squat, chest press or bench, shoulder press, and arm curls or bicep curls. These are all exercises that require a minimal amount of equipment or exercise experience, and can be done anywhere: on machines in the gym, using a bar, or at home with 2 dumbbells. So there is no excuse!

We are going to do 3 sets for each exercise, with moderately heavy weight for 12 reps. If you can work up to 15 reps it's time to add more weight. If you cant complete 12 reps adjust your weight accordingly, but work towards those 12 reps.

Exercise One: The Squat

The squat is a great exercise because it utilizes all muscles of the lower body and even the core. Ladies, if you want to build the type of backside that make men drool, the booty that looks like a shelf, then this is the exercise for you.

Several variations of the exercise are possible. With a bar across the shoulder, holding two dumbbells at your side, or even moving forward into a lunge while holding the weights achieves the same effect.

Exercise Two: Chest or Bench Press

The bench press is a classic exercise that any guy is familiar with, but it has a reputation as a go to exercise for a good reason: its excellent for upper body development. Just look at all the muscle groups being put into play when you master this exercise.

The chest will grow, but you will also incorporate part of the rib cage and work out the triceps, a bonus for girls who want to get rid of the sagging bye bye arm.

Another bonus is that the chest development will also add a little padding to fill up the bra of a woman looking for a little boost there. Of course this exercise has the same variations as our other exercises, meaning you can do it with a bar, or with dumbbells at home. You can even add variation by hitting different angles on an adjustable bench.

Exercise Three: Shoulder Press

The shoulder press targets the shoulders, helping to bring an athletic look to the upper body. This means clothes will hang better on your body. A strapless dress will take on a new sexy look and your posture will improve as these shoulder muscles develop.

Exercise Four: Arm Curls or Bicep Curls

Can you guess what muscle arm curls target? You guessed it, the biceps. Adding a little wrist bend at the top will also bring the forearms into play. That is going to really build those guns and help fill the sleeves of your favorite t-shirt. Every time you open a jar of pickles or pick up a baby these muscles are coming into play.


What you have above is a plan for building a better you. This workout can be completed in 30 minutes, and if you are just starting out take your time, but this should be no more than a 45 minute workout. This is a solid foundation for change, and works well as a "heavy" day which you can combine more body part specific workouts later in the week.

Keep your diet in order using our recent article about protein requirements. Remember to keep the intensity up by adding weight as your progress, completing 3 sets of 12 reps. Be sure to comment below and tell us about your body transformation.