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Workplace Donations

So today someone comes up to my desk before I even punch in and asks me to sign a card, leaving it there and walking away. I look at it and there's all kinds of condolences for whom I don't I know. Then I open my email and there's a message to members of the team informing us that someone's grandpa died.

In the email it states that our team tradition is to ask for a small donation to purchase a token of sympathy. Please submit your donation ASAP. Well I find this awkward cause I've been on this team maybe two weeks so I don't really know these people. Most of them I haven't even spoken to yet. It doesn't feel like they should be hitting me up for cash already.

So really I don't want to participate in this. I know this is a tight knit team who is basically looking to get an envelope of cash together to help, which is commendable. But it puts me and the other new guy on the spot. I am a little jaded because I found out "the team" had a recent bowling party outside of work, and neither of us new guys were invited to that. I also don't think the favor would be reciprocated if my grandpa died tomorrow.

Really this kinda shit shouldn't be happening at work. If it's a friend of yours then chip in what ever you see fit. But don't be asking strangers for money. I would venture to guess that this violates all kinds of company policies, especially by soliciting through email.

Me? Well I figured I got enough enemies at this place I don't want to make more. I had a dollar bill and a ten spot. A dollar wasn't enough and I wasn't gonna do ten so I went to buy a coke and donated the change from the five, or about $3.50. Yea I feel like I caved a little. What do you think? Would you have chipped in? or said sorry I don't know the person? Comment below.

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