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Tactical Laundry Detergent

Sounds Silly Doesn't it? Tactical Laundry detergent. But you spend all that money on camo and tactical gear, even smear black makeup on your face, maybe some scent blocker, even stuff some leaves out your ass to blend in. But guess what? some good night vision goggles and I see you right there. Hiding in that bush. Why? Because you washed your clothes like a damn fool with some regular ole Tide or whatever detergent and all those chemicals and optical brighteners just defeated all that work you did to blend in.

Get some of this. All Free and Clear. It's a stripped down, no frills option that lacks some notable things: the brighteners that reveal your position to the enemy. As an added bonus it's cheaper than most and is a clean, safe alternative if you have sensitive skin or react weird to a lot of chemical scents (like me). It also comes in a fabric softener. The downside (if it bothers you) is that it smells like, well, nothing. But I like that its a neutral smell. Not so good if you have well water but I don't. So go getcha some!

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