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Mountain Dew and Taco Bell didn't make me Fat

Taco Bell didn't make me Fat

I am no health expert, but I make an effort to work out occasionally and watch what I eat. I do realize that every time I eat another cheeseburger, it's putting me further away from a set of ripped abs. I'm ok with that. If my pants keep fitting and the doctor says that everything checks out then I will keep my semi-healthy diet. I realize I could be fitter with a better diet, but I try to strike that balance between health and enjoying good food. So I don't make up conditions or blame other causes for my body type. But a lot of people do, especially women.

So I am sitting there at my desk one day and the girl who sits next to me is telling another girl about how she has thyroid problems. That it runs in her family. In fact she has gained over 30 pounds in the last year and doesn't know why....as she pounds a Mountain Dew and downs some Taco Bell. I watch her do this everyday. All righty then.

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