• Mr. Right

Men Holding Purses

We have all done it. I even did it a few times when I was younger and didn't know any better. Every guy has stood there at least once in his life at the mall, or in front of some other store holding his woman's purse while she fumbles to do something else.

But it's been a long time since I held a purse for a woman, and I know beyond the shadow of a doubt that I will not do it again. Let me tell you why.

I observed a guy recently standing in front of an elevator holding a fancy purse, up high, as to protect the precious contents inside out of fear for his girlfriends wrath should it be harmed in his hands. And the whole time he stood there, I stood watching him. All I could think was how effeminate he looked, completely emasculated by his woman.

Don't be this guy

Do you think this a test by a woman to see if you will hold it? Perhaps a subconscious way to mark you in front of other women? Absolutely. She needs to make sure you are unattractive to other women. While you hold her purse, other available women see that you are off limits and unavailable when she is not there to lay her claim.

While it is common knowledge that women are often sexually attracted to married men, they look for alpha male qualities such as power and dominance - qualities which you have given up in this situation. So even though you are married, no woman will view you (while you hold her purse) as a sexual candidate.

Holding her purse, or even other feminine items like a diaper bag, is a deliberate attempt to strip you of the very masculinity she was first attracted to. Why? By reducing you to a feminized male, she asserts her position as the Queen, and you her servant. Women have it ingrained in their mindset from an early age that men are to cater to them and serve their needs. It's the "Knight in Shining" armor complex which has eroded the basis of masculinity.

When you are no longer dominant and powerful, and therefore sexually attractive to other females, she has eliminated the potential that you will flee and abandon the offspring you have created. She now holds the power.

This stripping of your manhood is a subtle and long process. It may start by asking you to wear a pink shirt, or comparing you to her gay friends - how much more fashionable they are. Maybe she disapproves of your cigar smoking card games with the guys, or tells you that you have to skip the hunting trip you had planned. All of these alpha habits that you displayed during courtship, and which aroused her sexual desire, are now off limits because they also provoke arousal in other women.

This feminized male and his effeminate mannerisms continues to be pushed in media and television as not only acceptable, but as expected behavior in a "woke" male. Often, women will push their man to be more fashionable, even picking out his clothing. Look at these "male purses" which are now a must have accessory for the fashionable male.

Even men who choose a more alpha approach are being encouraged to turn their tactical accessories into diaper bags.

What is the result of all this emasculation of the modern male? We are raising a society which is gender ambiguous without a sense of identity. The byproduct of that is women who do not know how to be good mothers, and men who don't know how to be fathers because they were never raised to be men.

Tyler Durden stated in Fight Club " we are a generation of men raised by women" and in modern terms, we are being raised to be women. Now I am not saying "manhood" means camouflage and guns necessarily, but a purse has no place on a man.

Even The Art of Manliness had something to say on the subject, admitting that a generation of men has lost it's purpose - though they have an optimism that I do not share. We have nothing to conquer, told that our aggressiveness and dominance is passe. As we are stripped of our masculinity we have been stripped of our purpose.