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Being too good gets you nowhere

Being too good gets you nowhere

I truly believe you can be too good at your job. At least in certain roles. At some point in the food chain hard work and performance are recognized - even celebrated. You know those people who show up on the cover of the company newsletter "Employee of the Year" ... but lower on the food chain being good means you are in a trap. And that trap is created by you, though unwittingly.

Why would a top performing sales person ever be allowed to do something else? He is too valuable in that role. He might want a new challenge and think hey let me try IT and computers, but I guarantee the company will fight that fire. They would lose the money he brings in. Why allow the top cashier to do something else? She checks out more customers than anyone, making up for the under performing. At my place of employment, it's fairly obvious that the stat leaders are spread out over multiple teams to help pull the dead weight.

So unfortunately we have developed a culture of mediocrity, be okay at something and then they will promote you to something else. Its a zero sum game where no one gets hurt. Be exceptional and you pigeon hole yourself to that role. It seems that those who have that initiative or drive to try something new, even if its a 180 from the past would be a success. But not in our current culture. Comment below and tell me, do you get the recognition you deserve at work? Or is it the mediocre performers who get all the attention?

hard work gets you nowhere

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