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What is Sexy: Au Naturel Bush

Mohawks. Landing strips. Heart shaped for special occasions. It's not a popular opinion but we will admit that we like to see a little bush when a lady drops her panties. Now we don't wanna see anything sticking out or growing down her leg, but au naturel bush is fine by us.

We are not sure where the craze to shave originated from, though this writer, Michael Castleman, has some history and numbers on the subject. Now as much as we love seeing some bush - we don't come across it very often. Usually it's a pimply reddened taco. Over waxed and full of shave bumps and ingrown hairs. Just a painful looking site. Yet despite the downside to shaving their vaginas, women still shave away.

In an effort to stop deforestation, we bring you the first collection in our series What is Sexy. Enjoy the pics below. Warning: they are NSFW. Let your girlfriend catch you looking at them. Maybe she will get the hint that it's ok to throw her razor away. All we are saying ladies is give it a try, just give it a go. Save money on razors. How about a no shave November for you? Here is a couple ideas in case you need them.

This here is a good starting point, the minimum

but this, now that's beautiful

for special occasions?

a nice compromise

By the way, a little bush is one reason we love watching old horror movies from the 70's. In these B movie type films there always ends up being some girl skinny dipping and an "oh no!" moment where the killer appears and chases her naked through the woods. And graciously we get a nice shot of 70's style pubes. A bush. To us that's hott.

Check out this classic movie available on Netflix. The movie pretty much sucks in a B movie way, but there is some great bush to be found.

Comment below with your feelings on the grooming subject.

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