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A Real EDC for Real Scenarios

A Real EDC for Real Scenarios

I have pared down my carry, but here is a pic of what is truly on me everyday. Too many guys post up pics of random shit that you know they don't carry everyday. Really dude, you carry a paracord hammock? a wire finger saw? to work? and I bet you have plenty of friends to sit with on lunch because no one thinks you're the creepy weird guy.

So I have my backpack everyday, at least work days. It's a 5.11 Moab 10. Plenty of randomness in there like chapstick, a lighter, lunch, etc. Whatever I might need for today's mission. The great thing about a sling bag is that it's easy to access anything you need without having to completely remove your bag or find a place to sit it.

Like a lot of people I carry a coffee mug. Right now that's a Yeti because it was a Christmas gift. It's the 30 ounce tumbler because I need that much caffeine at a minimum to tolerate my coworkers. I usually have a water bottle tucked in my bag as well, but if its one or the other - I'll take the coffee.

I carry my wallet obviously. It's a Maxpedition. Super low profile and minimalist. Used for about two years now and barely any signs of wear to be found. A Cold Steel Recon Knife. A Streamlight Microstream. The green thing is a tooth pick. That's it. Keep it simple. Occasionally I swap out the knife for a Leatherman Skeletool CX. I carried that for awhile but found I rarely used the tools. Yes it's nice to have for the what if, but at some point you must say the 'what' if isn't coming.

Now don't get me wrong. I have a bag in the trunk full of bug out type stuff. It's another 5.11 Moab 10. But that doubles as a hiking bag and has cross functional items. Things I could truly ruck a long distance should SHTF or the car breaks down in an inconvenient spot. Survival needs to be fast and light. There is no survival dragging carts of stuff with you. And there's no anonymity, everyone will know you are the guy to hit because you are the guy flashing all kinds of gear. Gray Man.

So I challenge you fellow EDC'ers and Survivalists. Take a look at your gear, think about what you actually use, what has multiple functions, and what could you do without to remain nimble? Rebuild your EDC to reflect that perspective and comment below on what you did away with.

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