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General Guidelines for Article Submission 

1. Understand the type of writing we publish. Look through our recent posts to get a feel for our general viewpoint.

2. Avoid submitting an article that is very similar to one we have already published. Use the search bar to check what has already been written on your topic.

3. By submitting a post, you grant us a perpetual license to your content while you retain the original copyright. BDSC may also distribute the article in our email newsletters, social media feed, or various other ways (see submission agreement below).

4. Articles cannot be taken down and we will not honor requests to remove an article once it has been published.


Can I later publish my submission on other sites?

Yes, if you link back to the original that is published here. We don’t want Google to think we’re stealing content from other sources.

Can I submit an article that has been published elsewhere?

No, we only accept original writing that passes Copyscape for originality.

How long can my submission be?

We accept articles 400 words or longer.

Can I use this article to promote my other work?

We will use the writer’s biographical box at the end of a post to link to your blog or website, Twitter, or Facebook. You can also include one contextual link within the article itself to relevant external articles and blog posts on sites you own (but not sales, product, or squeeze pages). If you are looking for more self-promotion or referral traffic, contact BDSC about a sponsored post.

Can I submit an idea to you first?

We accept either final draft submissions or the first paragraph of an article you intend to write. If we like your first paragraph submission, we’ll ask for the entire article before giving final approval. We don’t accept ideas.

Do I get paid for my submission?

Currently only our weekly columnists receive compensation for their writing. We do not usually offer paying positions, but if you submit a minimum of five articles we like and the feedback is good - then we can talk. 

Can I become a weekly columnist Writer?

If we published at least five of your articles, we may work out a pay for submission agreement or compensate you by promoting your website or blog. To receive a featured column, you would need to submit a minimum of 2 articles per month. 

Can I write under an anonymous name?

Yes you can write under a pen name, but you must include both a first and last name for submission. We do not accept submissions from nicknames like SexyBeast69 or UFOAbductee77. Your pen name must sound like a normal name.

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