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About Black Diamond Social Club

Founded in 2017, Black Diamond Social Club is a unique website that covers topics like sexy women, Ufo's and paranormal, home improvement and DIY, and EDC lifestyle.


Our content and our site places a spotlight on the concerns and interests of an audience that likes, shares, and interacts with us in a way that surpasses anything that we could have dreamed of – reaffirming that our perspective is appreciated and embraced. As a result, BDSC holds several top search positions and keyword ranks on Google that brings growing traffic to our site and ensures that we are here to stay.

Partnering with BDSC

Our goal is to educate and inform, following the motto that ‘Knowledge is Power’. With that goal and mission statement in mind, we are always looking to partner with products, brands, and people who add value to our site. We have several partnership opportunities available.

Available Partnerships and Advertising

Billboard Advertising

Are you looking to promote a product, service, website, social media page, or blog? BDSC offers billboard style ads on our site (like you see on the right) which can be featured on the page which best fits your audience - driving traffic and sales to your homepage. ​


  • Websites, blogs, social media pages, products, and services must fit the overall theme of Black Diamond Social Club and our readers. ​

  • Browse through our categories and stories to ensure that your advertising fits our brand. This will also help guarantee that your advertising dollars will be best served by a sponsored billboard with BDSC. ​

  • Please provide an image which will showcase your brand or logo. Text should be clear and readable when reduced in size. If you cannot provide a suitable advertising image, we can create a jpg billboard like the ones you see on this page for a onetime fee of $10. We can also send this image to you for use on other sites. ​​

  • More extensive help with website design and logo creation is available for an additional fee. ​

Pricing ​

  • Billboards on our site can be purchased in three ways: monthly, quarterly, and yearly. We are also currently offering Founding Members packages at a special rate. 

  • A month is defined as 31 days from the time the advertising is placed on our site. Generally, pricing is as follows but is subject to change: Monthly $30 per billboard. Quarterly: $75 for a 3-month period. Yearly rate, defined as 365 days, is $249 and will include a featured article about your brand that will be shared on all our social media platforms.​

  • Based on the referral traffic reports that we have received from our partners, we believe we offer the best value for your advertising dollars and surpass the quality of traffic you would get from other blanket advertising methods like Facebook. Our billboards generate user traffic that is interested in your page or service. Visitors to your site are more likely to click, like, share, purchase, subscribe, and return to your site because they are real - unlike the "pay per click" methods most offer. ​

  • For a limited time, we are offering a Founding Member advertising rate. We will place your billboard on our site for a period of one year at 50% off the regular cost - making the discounted rate $125. You will receive the featured article and social media shares that are included in the yearly plan, and we will keep this post as a featured one on our site for the entire year. Founding Members will also gain the benefit of monthly social media shares and mentions.   

Link Exchange and Backlink Sharing

We also can feature billboard advertising on our site in exchange for a similar billboard on your site. We will also trade a backlink in one of our posts for one on your website if the article linked to offers a mutual benefit. Contact us if you believe such a link exchange will benefit both parties.

Paid backlinks to your site or article within one of our articles is available for $25. All backlink requests are subject to review. We retain the right to delete your backlink without refund if the scope or nature of your site changes. For example, we do not partner with gambling sites, hardcore porn sites, or websites that do not share our perspective. That said, don’t be afraid to contact us with your collaboration proposal. The worst we can do is say no. ​Contact us with your needs for customized pricing.

Featured What is Sexy Girl

One of our most successful series is What is Sexy, a weeky pinup style post that includes images, and in some cases interviews, with up and coming models, cam girls, and influencers from social media. This series and the keywords that a post ranks for provides traffic for years - we still get organic search hits on the earliest posts in the series. 

If you are a model or influencer looking to build your brand, we can partner with you for a feature in the series. It's a great way to drive traffic to your site and the best thing is, these customers already have a sense of what to expect and therefore are more likely to purchase.


Generally, to create a post - we will need several images of a model which we can craft into a post. The cost for a featured WIS post is $250. Contact us for more details and specialized opportunities.  

Sponsored Posts and Ghost Writing

BDSC employs a staff of English speaking, US based writers with years of experience in a variety of industries including business, health and fitness, automotive repair, technology, sports and entertainment, and just about anything else you can think of.  

Our writers have provided content to many online blogs and nationally recognized websites as well as ghost-written a variety of e-books, full length novels, business plans and proposals, poetry collections, how to guides and instruction manuals. We can handle whatever type of content you need. We can create an article that builds momentum for your product or generate reader engagement for your website.  

Pricing for Guest Posts and Ghost Writing


Content purchased as a guest post or ghost written that is to be used on your website or blog is generally $25 for 400 words. This price includes a copyright free image if needed. We can attribute the work to whomever you like – you will receive full copyright and ownership of the work.  We will include a link to a high ranked and relevant article as a reference or citation. We reserve the right to include a backlink to our own site or article in the post that you cannot remove without our written consent, and must remove upon our request. Contact us with your needs for customized pricing.

Pricing for sponsored posts that advertise, review, or promote a product or service is generally $50 for 400 words, depending on the level of research required. We will provide you the article to review before publication for final approval. Minor and reasonable modifications will be made at your request. You must provide the product link(s) and image. If we need to supply anything beyond the article itself, additional fees may apply. Contact us with your needs for customized pricing.

Guest Posts

BDSC accepts and encourages guest post requests. We aim to create a user generated site, so any post you want to share is welcomed and helps to guarantee that our site is what you want to see. For rules and requirements about submitting a guest post click here. ​

Additional Information​

BDSC reserves the right to change the rate for its advertising, backlinks, sponsored posts, ghost writing, and design services at any time. Current advertisers will be given a minimum of 30 days’ notice before a rate change occurs.

We further reserve the right to cancel, delete, or remove (without refund) any post, backlink, sponsored article, or advertising on our site when the purchaser and/or their website changes in such a way that we feel the partnership no longer offers value to both parties. In the event of a scheduled deletion, the purchaser will be given 7 days’ notice to work out a mutually agreeable resolution before we remove the item.  

Ready to collaborate?


Nothing is ever set in stone, so reach out and contact us. We can work with your budget. 

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