Missing Texas Man Was 'Entirely Consumed by His Own Dogs'

July 12, 2019


According to a report by CBS Austin, authorities say a Texas man who disappeared several months ago was apparently eaten by his own dogs.


The victim was identified as 57 year old Freddie Mack, who was reported missing in April by family members who were unable to check on him because of 18 aggressive dogs on his property in Venus, Texas, south of Dallas.


In May, detectives again attempted to contact Mack on his property, but the aggressiveness of his dogs prevented it.


On May 15th, a detective noticed a small piece of bone on the ground. Investigators tested the fragments, pieces of clothing and the dogs' feces in an attempt to find Mack.


"A lengthy investigation, supported by DNA analysis revealed that Mr. Mack was entirely consumed by his own dogs," states a press release from the Johnson County Sheriff's Office.


"The clothing in the feces matched that of what Freddie was known to wear indicating that the dogs may have consumed their owner," states the release.


CBS DFW reports that of Mack's 18 dogs, two were killed by the other dogs, 16 were seized and 13 were ordered to be euthanized.


"During the course of our investigation it was found that Freddie suffered from serious medical conditions so we will never know if the dogs killed Mr. Mack or consumed him after he died from a medical condition. Either way, it is a very gruesome event and we extend our sympathy to Freddy Mack’s family," said Sheriff Adam King.


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September 21, 2018

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