Don’t Use Words You Can’t Spell

June 28, 2019


It's funny, some of the highest ranking people in my day job office are not what you would call the most intellectual. There is the supervisor with a degree in "General Studies" which right off the bat tells you something. I mean why attend college and spend that amount of money without a clear goal in mind?


The stupidity hit a new low today when I overheard a senior rep asking for some spelling help. We are not talking about a complex ten plus character word either. It's one that has only one possible spelling so there shouldn't be any confusion. The word? TENURE. That's right. She asked for help spelling tenure on her resume. I overheard the conversation as her and another rep spent several minutes pondering the spelling of the word, coming up with four or five possibilities before settling on one - that was incorrect. 


Maybe I am crazy, but shouldn't you just avoid using words you can't spell? Especially after multiple tries and help from your friend? This is the current state of the world: over-educated idiots that somehow still can't function in the business world. Do you have anyone like this at your work? Comment below. 


Jeremy Wright is a self described opinionated bastard. Follow him on Facebook.


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September 21, 2018

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