Sidecar Motorcycle With a Built-In Drone

May 6, 2019


Once you win the Powerball, you're going to be looking for fun stuff to fill the garage. Sure, you're going to have a sports car with a matching speedboat, but no garage is complete without a motorcycle and we found a limited edition one that you might want to put on your wish list. Built by Ural (which is based in Redmond, Washington), the company has been building sidecar style motorcycles since WWII.  



The Ural Air is a 750 cc sidecar style motorcycle meaning you can carry a buddy with you. The engine produces a modest 41 horsepower, but is tuned for off road endeavors and comes equipped with front and rear disc brakes. The max speed is 70 mph so you will not have any issues taking it out on the open road. Even though it may look vintage, the Air is totally modem with fuel injection and a usb port for charging. The standout feature of the bike is its built in drone. Located in the nose of the sidecar, the drone allows you to survey your area from the air - knowing ahead of time what challenges lie ahead. 



Only 40 units are being produced at the Irbit, Russia based factory, so you probably need to act quick to get one. The price is reasonable at $18,000. Learn more about the Ural Air by visiting the website

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