Monster Mercedes 6X6 Custom

February 8, 2019


We are not huge fans of Mercedes, but if the X-Class EXY Monster 6X6 concept ever goes into production we will be adding it to our Powerball Garage. Designed by the Polish company Carlex Design, with a little help from Pickup Design, this beefed up Mercedes-Benz X-Class has been transformed into a carbon fiber beast that's capable of crushing zombies - or venturing off into remote locations that no other truck can go. 



The EXY Monster X is a custom three-axle 6×6 that can roll right over other mere mortal pickup trucks. It's been modified with carbon fiber construction throughout the entire body. The stance has been lowered and widened, and massive fenders house gigantic off road tires with whitewall lettering that adds a nice contrast to the dark theme of the truck. Europeans are not known for their trucks, but we think they gave this one a great look that will appeal to survivalists and the prepper set in the United States.



The braking system is upgraded with ceramic-carbon discs capable of race track applications. Just in case you plan to pull something heavy out of the mud, the pickup also features two winches at the front and rear. For lighting purposes, a roof mounted light bar illuminates anything that dares to stand in your way. On top of it all, the bed box is coated with protective structural paint that we imagine is blood and guts resistant. Carlex Design plans to begin a one-off production of the truck soon. Until thhn, check out the photos we found from Hi ConsumptionNo word on the cost yet, but you know it's going to be outrageous with all the attached gear. 



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