Streisand Releases New Anti-Trump Album

October 27, 2018


Barbara Streisand is a recording artist who anyone with decent musical tastes doesn't care about. In an effort to make herself relevant, the 76 year old Streisand has released a new Anti-Trump Album titled "Walls".


“I can’t bear the man. He’s a man with no manners! He doesn’t see his own flaws; he doesn’t know what he doesn’t know. You know? He has no humility.” Adding that Trump is “good at marketing. He knows how to sell; he’s a conman. That’s what he’s good at. But he doesn’t think he needs anyone’s help, he thinks he can go it alone. The big guy.”


It's a hypocritical approach since Streisand herself is infamous for treating the people who surround her horribly or like hired help. 


The leftist Streisand accused Trump of “assaulting our institution” ... “This is a dangerous time in this nation, this republic: a man who is corrupt and indecent and is assaulting our institutions. It’s really, really frightening. And I just pray that people who are compassionate and respect the truth will come out and vote.”


In the bitter effort for 15 more minutes of fame, Streisand thinks she took a sophisticated approach to the lyrical content:


“You have to write lyrics that can be more than just a protest. They have to appeal to a universal audience. Even when I wrote Don’t Lie to Me, at first I thought, well, I could make you think it’s like a love affair, a marriage breaking up. It’s a universal thought: don’t lie to me.”


Barbara claims she doesn't even care if the album sells: 


“The country is more important to me at this point than whether my album sells. I’m sure Don’t Lie to Me turns off a lot of people who are Republicans or right wingers. But there are some good Republicans! I was friendly with John McCain. I’m friendly with Colin Powell.”


The old as dirt Streisand continued her verbal attacks on the commander in chief by stating: 


“'[Trump] is like Humpty Dumpty, a fat egg, sitting on a wall, and one day he’s going to fall off the wall. And crack.’


The album ends on an odd note with Streisand letting out a sigh.. She commented, “That final sigh. When I first did it, people went: ‘What? We’ll cut that out.’ I said: ‘No, no, no, no, no. That tells the story. That tells how I’m deflated.’ I didn’t plan on doing it, but when it came out of me, wow.”


Since she doesn't care if it sells, lets not buy it. Not that many people would anyway. Just another Hollyweird troll trying to inflame her audience. 


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