Man Claims to be Time Traveler with footage from the year 2045

October 19, 2018


We have yet to see any real proof that time travel is possible, but a man on YouTube claims to have footage from the year 2045. In an interview with the ApexTV he provides some cell phone footage of what he says the the world looks like in 27 years. 


With a pixelated face to hide his identity, he says he knows his tale will be hard to believe but “I can assure you that I’m telling you the truth and nothing but the truth because you deserve to know what’s going on behind closed doors,”


“I do not have long before I need to leave. They’re tracking me, and they know where I am right now … I need to show you something that I have.” 


He continues “Time travel exists, and it is being withheld from the public.”


In a Bob Lazar like story, he says he’s a scientist from 2045 who worked on machines that made time travel possible. The machines were released to the public in 2028 and made possible by reverse engineering alien technology to send travelers back into the past.


In 2045, humans and robots are melding together as one with artificial intelligence governing the entire world. There are no country borders - and there is no privacy. 


His story may be hard to believe, but its at least plausible given the Orwellian societal changes we are seeing. What do you think? 




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