Ahhh...the Smell of Vagina

October 1, 2018


We're not quite sure why you would want to smell like a vagina, but if you do - we found the perfect item for you. It's called Vulva Original and it's not quite a cologne, it's a roll on that smells like a vagina. We guess the idea is that by smelling pussy all day you will be ready to go when you get home. Reviewers report that it smells a little like the memorable feminine scent all men crave, a faint musky odor. If you want to try it, click the link to by it direct from Amazon. Be sure to tell us how it worked. 


We found this stuff too. It's a lube called Pussy Juice. The top reviewer on Amazon thinks it works pretty well and said "Now pros. Once it warms up, like after using for a few minutes on the skin, it does slightly smell of vagina juice. The other reviewers who apparently hook up with nasty women who don't shower maybe don't know the smell of clean vagina. Anyways, once applied a few rounds, it forms a cum like texture that looks like cum, feels amazing, and gives that smell on skin of clean vagina." Well sheesh, that's a glowing endorsement as far as lube goes. It is water based and non staining so your sheets will stay looking new. The maker promises that Pussy Juice is a specialty blend that cleans up easily with soap and water, and is safe for all toys. Get some by clicking here. 

Now if you're going to be smelling like her maybe she should exchange the favor and smell like you all day. Jizz Master Series Lube promises to look, feel, and smell like authentic semen. We won't be buying it ... but hey you might want to! It could be a great gag gift for your significant other, maybe a dirty stocking stuffer this Christmas? It is white, creamy, and stays slick (from what we read from reviewers). The musky lube is non-staining and it and cleans up easily. Jizz markets itself as a party in a bottle saying that it's "perfect for when you're in the mood for a facial, a pearl necklace or even a creampie". Get it here


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September 21, 2018

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