What is Sexy: Swedish Truck Driver Angelica ‘Bubbles’ Larsson

September 21, 2018


When you think of big rig drivers, you probably imagine an overweight bearded guy smoking a cigarette. Sweden-based Angelica ‘Bubbles’ Larsson is laying that stereotype to rest with her other worldly Scandinavian good looks. Angelica was first discovered back in 2016 and was quickly named the ‘Sexiest Truck Driver in the World’. The competition for the title might be slim, but based on the pics we have below it will take a real competitor to take her title. 


Her looks might make you think she is a girly girl, and she is, but not only is she skilled behind the wheel of a truck (she received her commercial truck driving license at the age of 19) but is also an experienced heavy equipment operator, skydiver, motorcycle rider, and scuba diver. She says “My hobbies are my work, I also enjoy working out and eating well to keep in shape so I can handle the physical aspects of trucking and traveling any chance I get, generally behind the wheel of a Big Rig." Larsson goes on to say “there’s a lot of drivers out there but only a few real truckers, so many people only see trucking as a job, but for me; trucking is everything, my passion in life, I can sit all day long and have conversations that mostly revolve around trucking.” That's why she posts plenty of selfies next to her beloved truck. 


Angelica sees her career in trucking as a way to open doors to greater things: “I may sound silly. But my dream is to travel around the world and try different trucks and ride on different roads and maybe testing new technologies and equipment for big manufacturers or maybe get involved in helping design some of the future trucks to hit the road. I also want to show that girls can do exactly the same things the boys can.” You can follow Angelica ‘Bubbles’ Larsson on Instagram and on her Official Facebook Page. 


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September 21, 2018

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