April 7, 2018

from the realstanlee:


John Krasinski has had a very successful run in the world of television and film, most notably playing our favorite prankster, Jim Halpert on NBC’s The Office. It isn’t always easy for actors to transition from TV to film, but he’s one that’s been able to pull it off. Not only has he been able to manage the shift as an actor, he’s also shown his prowess behind the camera as a director with The Hollars and the upcoming A Quiet Place, in theaters April 6th.



A Quiet Place also stars Krasinski’s wife, Emily Blunt. They previously worked together as voice actors in Animal Crackers, but this will be the first time the couple has performed together on-screen. With them being such a beloved fan favorite among Hollywood couples, there’s been a lot of fan-talk about them starring as Reed Richards and Sue Storm in a Fantastic Four Reboot. With the Fantastic Four making their return to the comics, it could be the perfect time to make it happen. During an interview with Screen Rant discussing A Quiet Place, that topic came up. Here’s what Krasinski had to say…


Screen Rant: A lot of our fans at Screen Rant love the superhero stuff. You and Emily have both flirted with this for a little bit… any chance that you guys could be playing the Invisible Woman and Mr. Fantastic?


John Krasinski: Oh yeah, the Fantastic Four. I would love that! I mean listen, I’m still getting into the whole superhero thing. I didn’t read comics as a kid, not as many, I read some but not as much, but I’m a huge superhero fan so yeah, I’d love to do something like that. If there are any left, a lot of these have been taken but the ones that are left, yeah, I would love to do something like that. And listen, I’d love to work with her again so any chance I got would be great.


It wouldn’t be the first time the couple has flirted with the world of comic book films. Emily Blunt reportedly turned down the roles of Black Widow in Iron Man 2 and Agent Carter in Captain America: First Avenger. Krasinski said that he was in the running to play Cap in First Avenger but took himself out after seeing Chris Hemsworth’s “God-like physique” during costume fitting. The film, as you know, went to Chris Evans and Hemsworth went on to find his place as Thor. Everything seems to have worked out, but it would be interesting to see the couple as Sue and Reed.


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September 21, 2018

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