March 6, 2018



Intentional or not, how your head is groomed shouts out a message about you. Stereotypes about men and their hair, or lack thereof, remain alive and thriving in all of us. Come on, admit it, human nature and curiosity drive our opinions. When it comes to men’s heads, we all hold sentiments that influence our view of the man under the head. Bald heads can be a result of nature, choice or a combination thereof. How that bald head is groomed determines our perception of its owner.


Grooming products designed for bald heads include everything you need to make a fabulous impression. Everything from an understated, elegant pate to a bald head sporting a glow-in-the-dark tattoo can be achieved with the right grooming tools. Read this article about moisturizers for bald head to discover skin that feels comfortable and appears outstanding. There is a misconception that once you decide to go bald no further decisions are required. Oh no, my friend, you have now become a power player in the bold, bald world. First up, do yourself a favor and learn a few basic techniques for scalp health.



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