Review: Starbucks Caffe Verona

March 1, 2018



Were lucky enough to have a Starbucks close to the office, which means on Saturday mornings we head over to order a cup for everyone to start off their day. Our particular location just about always has Caffé Verona as the “dark roast” of the day. Since we have had it so many times, we figured it’s time to do a quick review and tell you what we think of this particular coffee.


Caffé Verona is not our favorite Starbucks brew, but asking for them to make anything else always gets us a dirty look and excuse as to why we must take what they have brewed. But that’s a story for another time.


Talking about Caffé Verona, it is a dark roast for sure, and will be stronger than most anything you will find elsewhere. This coffee is a special blend of 80% Latin America and Asia Pacific coffees, with the remaining composition being 20% Italian Roast mixed in. We just don’t find the taste to be the most enjoyable. The initial flavor is acceptable, but the finish or aftertaste is a bit odd. Not quite fruity, but there is some kind of undertone there that we can't pinpoint. Some of our staff described it as floral, nutty, chocolate like, and another thought the unknown undertone was like marshmallow. 


Really, it comes across as over roasted, like maybe a medium roast that was left to burn to darken it. Verona is a decent brew, but not worth going to Starbucks for by itself. We really wish this wasn’t the go to dark roast at our shop. It's strong, robust, and has a low acidity, so if coffee and caffeine makes your stomach burn this may be a good dark roast option for you. With the possible chocolate undertones, it may make for a good pairing with chocolate candy. 



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