Paranormal Research Scholarship

July 17, 2017



2017 Paranormal Research Scholarship


We at Black Diamond Social Club take the Paranormal seriously. For that reason we are proud to announce our first ever Paranormal Research Scholarship. It is our goal to help further Fortean topics in an academic, scientific, and cognitive bias free research setting. 


Black Diamond Social Club will award one scholarship to a college level student based on demonstrated academic achievement, financial need, and an express interest in pursuing Paranormal Research. 


What Areas of Research will be Considered?


Proposed research can be from any realm which promises to further a chosen field as it relates to the paranormal. Of course we have a particular curiosity about UFO's and Alien Abductions, Bigfoot sightings and the quest for evidence, sleep paralysis, and telekinesis and psychic abilities. Ghosts and ghost hauntings, demonic possession, Chem-trails, HAARP, Ancient Civilizations and GIants, etc are acceptable areas of study. 




The requirements are simple: submit a 500 word or more thesis or outline for review. We will review all entries and share the winning thesis with our readers (and provide you with proper credit for your research idea).  This will allow BDSC readers to review the paper which best exemplifies and promises to further the field of Paranormal Research.


Students must continue to attend classes and maintain no lower than a 3.0 grade-point average (or equivalent). Any major or college will be considered. Any grade level, undergraduate or graduate level, will be considered as well. 


Amount of Award 


The amount of the scholarship will vary and depend on the possible outcome the research will offer. The minimum award will be $250 with a maximum set at $1000. The scholarship will be paid in one lump sum payment. 


All entries must be received by August 31st so that the voting can begin. The deadline is the date after which applications will no longer be accepted for the current scholarship period. Applications may be considered for the next year. 


Feel free to share this opportunity with any one who may be interested in receiving free money for college. If you would like to participate in the scholarship by offering funding for other scholarships, or an increased award amount, please contact us directly.


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September 21, 2018

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