Metallica Plays “Creeping Death” In Front Of 1.5 million Russians

June 28, 2017

from Society of Rock


Metallica Plays “Creeping Death” In Front Of 1.5 million Russians- Absolute Mayhem


This Is How You Rock!

“Creeping Death”, as inspired by the life of Moses in the Holy Bible, is one of Metallica’s most performed songs and is often the opening track. That isn’t surprising given that it’s a crowd favorite — just look at this performance in Moscow with more or less a million spectators gone wild, lucky people in the front row! Could you imagine them playing this at halftime show during the Superbowl? Now that would send everyone into rock ‘n roll frenzy!


Leave it to Metallica to make a heavy metal tune based on the Holy Bible. Following a theme present in the Old Testament, James Hetfield’s lyrics come from the book of Exodus.


We don’t know about you but we think James Hetfield’s voice is off-the-charts! Powerful vocals and badass riffs and you’d get one incredibly heavy performance. This gave us chills! It may just be the most epic metal concert scene ever!




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