American Idol Judge Paula Abdul Says She Was "Abducted By Aliens"

May 24, 2017


from Digital Journal:


American Idol Judge Paula Abdul Says She Was "Abducted By Aliens"


On the Late Show With David Letterman, Paula Abdul blamed her unusual behavior on little green men.

We've all heard her say it -- "I've never been drunk and I don't do drugs."


But Monday night on the Late Show With David Letterman, Paula had an even better excuse. "


It's true," she said. "Many, many years ago I was abducted by aliens, and now my body is just a vessel." Of course she was kidding... or at least we hope she was. But Letterman seemed happy that the American Idol judge used his show to make the admission.


Letterman also visited another subject that the tabloids have covered. He asked if she was sleeping with the contestants, at which she replied, "I don't sleep with the contestants, but sometimes I sleep while they sing." If Abdul DID meet any little green men, it wasn't apparent tonight. She seemed sober and composed, and proceeded to tell Letterman he was the best-smelling talk show host she's ever met.


Letterman and his band leader, Paul Shaeffer, after the interview said on air that Abdul was charming, sweet and is a professional that knows how to deal with all the negative publicity she's received over allegations of drinking on the show and during interviews -- allegations that Abdul has always denied. Schaeffer then began to rattle off various details of Adbul's life and career -- how she started as a cheerleader for the Lakers basketball team, was once married to actor Emilio Estevez, and had a very successful singing career.


Abdul said during the interview that during her entire 20-year-career, she has never had her life turned so upside-down as she has had in the last six years of being on American Idol.




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