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May 19, 2017



We have received some emails asking what has cultivated the unique sensibility that is Black Diamond Social Club. We think that's a polite way of asking what makes us such jerks with our nihilistic dark humor, and disregard for the opinion of others. So to answer your question, we are starting a new series covering what has influenced us, the things which have fueled our creative fire, and forged the intestinal fortitude to laugh in the face of the devil himself.


Many of our writers and staff are kids born of the 80's and 90's, the heyday of cartoons, consumerism, cereal boxes, and hope. We all believed we would do better than our parents and many of us did, yet here we are college educated, well fed, smartly dressed, and yet lost in a world which didn't live up to that promise. We invented technology like the Ipad and MP3 player, social media like Facebook and MySpace (remember that?), video games to the waste time we saved with technology, and broke down many barriers in equality en route to becoming the most racially diverse marketing slice in history.


So we are all a pretty cerebral group here, yet as we grow older we find ourselves drawn to things which are simplistic, minimalist, dare we say dumb. So we bury our heads in things to forget. It's as if we want to ignore the monsters we created. All that technology is what slowly is eliminating our jobs and leaving us behind. The millennial babies we have created are a group of spoiled brats, so we are now old enough to recognize the error of our ways. Consumerism and debt put us in a hole we will spend the rest of our days paying for. Most of us will never retire, but we will be able to say we had a fun ride to old age.


The kids who grew up in in the 80's and 90's are commonly referred to as Generation X and Y. Though there is no specific time range, Generation X is a middle child, sandwiched between our baby boomer parents, and the new millennials. According to Wikipedia:


Members of Generation X were children during a time of shifting societal values and as children were sometimes called the "latchkey generation”, due to reduced adult supervision compared to previous generations, a result of increasing divorce rates and increased maternal participation in the workforce, prior to widespread availability of childcare options outside of the home. As adolescents and young adults, they were dubbed the “MTV Generation” (a reference to the music video channel of the same name) and characterized as slackers and as cynical and disaffected. Some of the cultural influences on Gen X youth were the musical genres of grunge and hip hop music, and indie films. In midlife, research describes Gen X adults as active, happy, and as achieving a work–life balance. The cohort has been credited with entrepreneurial tendencies.


There are differences between males and females in Generation X:


Some researchers break this group of 80's and 90's kids down into two subsets: Generation X and Y. One website defines Generation Y as such:


Generation Y, Echo Boomers or Millenniums


Born: 1977-1994
Coming of Age: 1998-2006
Age in 2004: 10 to 22
Current Population: 71 million


The largest cohort since the Baby Boomers, their high numbers reflect their
births as that of their parent generation. The last of the Boomer Is and most of
the Boomer II s. Gen Y kids are known as incredibly sophisticated, technology
wise, immune to most traditional marketing and sales pitches…as they not only
grew up with it all, they’ve seen it all and been exposed to it all since
early childhood.


Gen Y members are much more racially and ethnically diverse and they are much
more segmented as an audience aided by the rapid expansion in Cable TV channels,
satellite radio, the Internet, e-zines, etc.


Gen Y are less brand loyal and the speed of the Internet has led the cohort to
be similarly flexible and changing in its fashion, style consciousness and where
and how it is communicated with.


Gen Y kids often raised in dual income or single parent families have been more
involved in family purchases…everything from groceries to new cars. One in
nine Gen Yers has a credit card co-signed by a parent.



Sometimes we just want to tune it all out and not think. Maybe it's a need to submit to our baser urges and forget the drama of our modern lives. We can admit it is cathartic to remember the things which brought us joy. A remembrance of simpler times. Whatever the reason, we are going to take a look back at the movies, characters, television shows, and products that brought us here. The things which give us a warm fuzzy feeling when we think of them. Many of these things we will cover in this series are long forgotten. Others have been reinvented for a new generation, proving how influential they were. We can't explain why we love (or loved) these things so much, but they had a powerful effect on how we view the world and provided the mental alchemy necessary to create all those things which made our lives so nurtured.


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