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March 22, 2017



Black Diamond Social Club asked me if I could recommend anyone to guest write on the website. I thought about it and told them unfortunately I don’t. I know a few people who blog, but they are like I was. Nonproductive. So I thought this would be a great article, telling you my story and how I got here as a guest writer on BDSC.


I was one of those people who talked about starting a blog for years. Of course it never happened. Well, let me say, I did try once. I went to WordPress and created a blog with giant dreams of being the number one fitness blogger in the world. I was going to be famous, train celebrities, and make millions on my line of women oriented protein shakes. I did an intro blog to get the ball rolling. I posted a total of 3 times. In six weeks. I mean, I had ideas, in fact I had too many. It seemed if I did a blog about one thing, my other ideas didn’t tie in or make sense. So I didn’t put them up. And when I did write suddenly I couldn’t come up with enough to say. All of a sudden I was blank on ideas. It didn’t take long for me to give up.


I learned that blogging and maintaining a website isn’t for everyone. You don’t realize how much work there is to run a successful website until you see it. When I went to the BDSC office I was stunned. So much is involved. The monetization, keeping enough revenue coming in to pay for the site and hosting, the writing and the proof reading, finding images to enhance the article, etc... It’s a ton of work. And let’s be honest, it’s not as much fun to write if no one reads it. So then there’s marketing.



I got here by luck. Let me change that. I got here by destiny. Not long ago I was at Planet Fitness and I heard a guy talking to himself while riding the recumbent bike. Saw him do it a couple times. He was a good looking dude, didn’t seem creepy, so it’s not like I though he was crazy or anything. One day while he was riding the bike I was on the elliptical in the row behind him. I could over hear what he was saying and it sounded like he was dictating articles. So later by the water fountain I went up to him and struck up a conversation. He told me he had been building a website. He mentioned he was looking for guest bloggers and gave me his card. I checked out BDSC that night and I was hooked. Sure it was man oriented, maybe a little sexist to those who didn’t get it, but it was real. I had never seen another website that wasn’t afraid to tell the truth, that didn’t worry about someone saying “you shouldn’t say that”. To be… I don’t know… “Heterosexual Male” in today’s world. I knew my boyfriend would love it and he did.


I gave a call to the number on the card and said emphatically Yes! I want to write for your site. We talked a bit and I pitched a couple story ideas. Now here I am. I can say I am a writer and blogger, but this time it’s a lot different than on my failed attempt. I am not worried about creating a certain amount of content and trying to keep up with hungry readers. It’s more natural. If I get a good idea, I write it out and see if BDSC is interested. If they are I send it over. Sometimes if I am thinking of an idea I pitch it to them and they give me some feedback and direction. I get to say I am a writer, and you the reader only get the crème of the crop. None of my ehhh ideas that I put on a blog because I had to.


So maybe you blog like it’s a diary or journal with no worries about ever turning it into something else. That’s fine. It doesn’t matter who or how many people see your work. It’s a little personal time waster, a hobby. But if you are passionate about a topic, want to be heard, even be part of a select club or movement, then you need to think bigger and make a name for yourself. Draw people to your brand. Maybe you write and are trying but struggling like I did. Why not submit something to BDSC and see if they are interested? It’s a chance to build a name for yourself in whatever field you are in.


When they asked me for referrals, they said the requirements were someone with a fresh perspective, someone not politically correct, though not intentionally offensive. Just someone who speaks the truth, and sometimes the truth hurts. If that sounds like you submit something. Tell them Brooke referred you. Maybe I will get a store gift card or something as a bonus. Good luck.


Brooke Bailey is a personal trainer, masseuse, and student in health and wellness. She currently resides in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Follow her on Facebook.


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