Tool Review- Milwaukee 30 inch Tool Box

March 17, 2017

My tool collection finally reached the point where I needed to acquire some BBS...Big Boy Storage. I tried doing a system of various boxes that segmented my tools into specific tasks: I had my home improvement type tools in a bucket, the auto tools in a Bosch L-Boxx set up, car maintenance in another tool box...but I found more often than not I still couldn't find what I needed when I needed it. So I spent a lot of time digging through various boxes looking for what I was looking for and not getting anywhere on the project at hand. That's' when I decided to clean out a spot in the garage and finally invest in a real storage solution, one that put all my tools in their own drawer at my finger tips. 


I did own a small Waterloo rolling tool box back in the day which served well storing a basic Craftsman set, but I destroyed that box when I employed it as a make shift engine stand. While I don't intend to use a tool box like that again, I did want more durability and bigger form. I shopped around for months with nothing really feeling like it was the one (you know that feeling). I did have that feeling about a box I couldn't afford (isn't that always the way) - a Matco Rolling tool chest. As much as I liked the Matco box, it wasn't the perfect solution either. There was not a big drawer for power tool storage. Now I know the box wasn't built for that, but I did want to keep the Porter Cable set I have together with my other tools.



So I looked to get that same type of box in lower cost options. Sunex and ATD were offering the same thing at about $500. Now both of those would have worked really well as my auto-only box, but little room for anything else. I found the Matco one for $800 on Craigslist. Still outside my budget. Gotta Keep looking.


I found a box I liked at Lowe's made by Kobalt. The box looked perfect and fit the size I was looking for and the space I had to allocate. Priced at around $400 it was in my budget as well. The flaw was the build. The metal was just thin. Now I am not a snob about metal gauge and casters like a lot of guys are. As long as everything feels solid I know that it will last a long time with the care I show my tools and tool boxes. I would never load a drawer with 200 pounds - which is why as much as I understand the build quality of a Matco and Snap-on, I would never get a return on my investment for my DIY use.


Home Depot carries the Husky brand, and they didn't offer anything too exciting. Dewalt boxes didn't have the drawer configuration I needed but did feel good and well built. Worth the price if it's the setup you need. The Milwaukee boxes were getting some pretty rave reviews on YouTube. I watched every video I could find and checked them out in person at least three times before deciding that I was going to go for the 30 inch model. When Home Depot dropped the price $50 to $448 on the 30 inch model. I had no doubts. Then I got approved for The HD Credit card....time to buy!



Bringing the box home wasn't too difficult - both halves , it comes in two separate boxes, fit in the back of a medium SUV but it was tight.


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September 21, 2018

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