Tool Review - Craftsman Vacuum Accessories

February 16, 2017


Going to a car wash every couple weeks costs $$$ that you can save by doing it yourself. But getting the car clean requires the right tools. Besides a good quality car wash and sponge, a vacuum is a must. The household vacuum is a little too bulky to drag around which is why having a shop vac in the garage is a great investment. For right around 30 bucks, you can pick up a 2 horsepower, 2.5 gallon wet dry vac that will handle small clean ups around the shop - and make quick work of cleaning your car. 


I have been using my Craftsman Wet/Dry vacuum for a while, and even though I was happy with the performance, I was unhappy with the areas I could reach with the cleaning attachments that came in the box. So I searched for accessory attachments on the Craftsman site and came across this set that I was lucky enough to receive as a Christmas Gift. This weekend I used the set to clean the car and it helped get into the hard to reach spots along the seats, and in the cup holders. It also helped brush out some of the dirt in the carpets. Cleaning the car myself  will save enough money for the set to pay for itself after a few clean outs. Well worth the investment if you can find them...but with the recent Sears closures and Craftsman brand sale to Stanley, they may be a little hard to find though. They are available from Sears for now, as well as the Kmart locations that are still open. 



Comment below and tell us what you think of Craftsman Brand tools?

Are you upset or worried to see the brand change hands? 


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September 21, 2018

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