New Years Resolutions

January 1, 2017


We don't generally make New Years resolutions. Now we will admit there's been a year or two where we made  a broad and general promise along the lines of  "eat better, workout more"  and like everyone else who makes resolutions we failed.


Despite the success rate we are giving it one more try and making one resolution this year. Except this years resolution is as broad as can be. It's not a promise to be someone we are not, or  a 180 degree turn in behavior. Rather its a return to form, a get back to the old us. The one that was motivated, social, outgoing. That guy looked for a challenge. Worked out several times a week. Pursued things with youthful enthusiasm.


Yeah, every now and then that guy shows up to the party, but you cant bet on his attendance. The friend that flakes on the party half the time. Life has a way of beating you down, killing dreams, or at least making them seem so far out of reach. But the truth is we let it happen, buried in Sports Center and Food Network. Imagining what could be but never making it happen.


So this is the promise to ourselves, for ourselves. You should do the same. Set a resolution to return to your old form, who you were when you were happy. Before you cared what others think. We will believe in you when no one else does. You can move mountains with your willpower and this year you will. Go do it.


What promise are you making to yourself this year?


Comment below on your resolutions.

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